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{Photography} FIVE Generations

How many people can say they have 7 Grandmas?! My niece Bella sure can!

She has Grandma's, a Nana, a Gramy, a Granny, Great Grandma's, and a very special Great GREAT Grandma. I'd say she is one blessed little girl. This past summer I took a 5 generation picture of my Great Grandma Violet, my Grandma Bunny (also known as Grandma Diane- but she will always be my Bunny) My Momma-la Maria (also known as known as Nana or Nana-la) my Sister Ashley, and my Niece Isabella Violet.

Sadly...I lost these pictures for months! Somewhere between getting a new macbook and a new external hard drive BUT I found them this past week! and am very excited to share this special moment! If you or someone you know has 4, 5 or even 6 generations in their family and you want to capture the moment. Please contact me, I would LOVE to make it happen!

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